Our Story

Our story begins on May 6, 2012. After a long process of completing our home study, we were finally approved as a foster family. The first day our home was opened, we would receive a phone call about a newborn girl who had been born behind a dumpster and abandoned in the Five Points area of Atlanta. After bringing her into our home, we cared for an infant detoxing from drugs, lethargic from malnourishment, and startled by several seizures. After a year of fostering, we were talking adoption. God had other plans because a week later we received another phone call from our agency about a second girl who had been abandoned. She was the half sister to our first foster child. One more year would go by before both of these little girls would be adopted on April 8, 2014, and they would became Abbie and Ashlie Naugle.


Our girls and the statistics of so many other children in our state changed our lives so much that we left our job at our church and began helping children full-time. Shortly after adopting our girls, we were speaking at a church to a small group sharing pictures of the girls. Afterwards a gentleman approached us explaining that he had been helping a homeless lady in Atlanta for the last 3 years who had been pregnant twice and looked like our oldest adopted daughter. It so happened that this lady was Abbie and Ashlie’s birth mother. She had grown up in foster care and aged out. We explained to her that we loved her, but that God loves her more. Through several God ordained meetings, we have also located the three other biological sisters, met them, and continue to stay connected with them. We have been blessed to have such a large family through adoption.


Out of all these experiences comes the passion of Families 4 Families. Our desire is to find loving families who can help hurting and broken families in the foster care system. Some children will go home to biological families, and some will be adopted. We know God loves these children more than we do so we trust Him on the outcome. At Families 4 Families, we do not charge churches or the foster families for any of our services. We want the foster families and church families to be able to pour into these children’s lives and reach out to their birth families with Christ’s love. We would be honored to have you join our family and partner with us to write your own God story.